el fuego and the crop candle co
Our story

The inception of The Crop Candle Company Ltd marked the genesis of Frost Protection Candles tailored specifically for the UK Vineyard industry. In 2020, the market exclusively featured paraffin candles. This prompted us to take a pioneering step by becoming sponsors of SWGB (Sustainable Wines of Great Britain), standing shoulder to shoulder with esteemed names like Marks and Spencer’s and Waitrose. Our mission was clear: develop a candle that minimized CO2 emissions, prioritized eco-friendliness for vineyards, and maintained the high standards of burn time and heat output.

Our relentless pursuit led us to a groundbreaking formula that not only extended burn times but also harnessed the power of 100% vegetable wax. Today, we proudly supply the majority of UK Vineyards, including notable names like Nytimber, Roebuck, and Simpsons, with a sustainable solution to safeguard their crops from spring frosts.

Our candles, generating substantial heat, inspired us to create the Eco Fuego Fire Pit. Introduced at the SOLEX exhibition in July, it garnered the prestigious Award for Best Individual Product. The Eco Fuego fire pit range is unrivalled in efficiency and effectiveness, emitting a staggering 90% less carbon per hour compared to conventional fire pits. It stands as the epitome of eco-friendliness in the realm of fire pits.

The Eco Fuego refill is a marvel, burning for hours with a consistently mesmerizing and therapeutic flame. It requires no constant tending, unlike other fire pits, and leaves behind no wood smoke, ash, or embers. Its portability makes it the preferred choice for small gardens, picnics, camping, and various outdoor activities, providing ample heat for the intended audience.

Designed with natural wood, the Eco Fuego fire pit complements its 100% sustainably sourced natural fuel, emitting practically no smoke. If you seek to escape the smoke and bonfire scent that often lingers, the Eco Fuego is your new flame of choice. We invite you to join us on this incredible journey and become one of our loyal customers.

The Eco Fuego Fire Pits are revolutionary, utilizing wax as an alternative fuel that burns cleaner, hotter, and longer than comparable products on the market.

Originally, we produced a limited run of 1,000 El Fuego fire pits for the UK market, commencing sales in March from scratch. Remarkably, we have now sold over 2,500 units and 10,000 refills. Our success story has expanded to over 100 garden centres across the UK, with plans to introduce our brand to other countries for global distribution, inviting the world to embrace a more eco-friendly alternative.

Key Benefits

1. Eco-Friendly: The Eco Fuego refill emits only 1.4kg of CO2/hr, a significant reduction compared to conventional fire pits that produce up to 15kg CO2/hr.
2. Ideal for Small Gardens: No pollution from wood smoke, ash, or embers, ensuring a pleasant gathering with no lingering smell of bonfires.
3. Socially Engaging: Bid farewell to the bonfire scent; enjoy an odor-free evening with your guests.
4. Easy Operation: Quick ignition and simple extinguishing by placing the lid.
5. Remarkable Efficiency: Each 100% vegetable wax refill is equivalent to 90-100 kiln-dried logs.
6. Convenient Storage: Eco Fuego refills are more space-efficient than wood, particularly for small gardens.
7. Cost-Efficient: A single Eco Fuego refill outperforms 8 hours' worth of wood.
8. Portability: Suitable for camping, fishing, and outdoor events.
9. Low Maintenance: No need for constant log reloading; enjoy a constant, large, and hot flame.
10. Consistent Heat: Experience an enduring, large, and consistent flame.

These benefits underscore the value of our product as an additional and greener alternative to meet the growing demand for outdoor heating in over 24 million UK households while mitigating the associated carbon footprint.

In essence, our El Fuego fire pits from The Crop Candle Co Ltd and Eco Fuego Ltd outshine all other fire pits in the market with their eco-friendliness, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of maintenance.

Join us on our revolutionary journey.