Welcome to the New Generation of Fire Pits

The revolutionary El Fuego eco firepits produce a large and consistent flame whilst providing amazing heat. The El Fuego allows people to have an impressive flame that requires no maintenance and no more smelling of bonfires at the end of the evening. Worrying about cleaning out old firepits, setting up kindling, fire lighters, and damp-free wood to start a fire is now a thing of the past. The El Fuego is simple to light with just one match and as easily put out in seconds. The refills are readily available on line, are simple to store and can burn as long as 100 wooden logs. The El Fuego is sold with 8hrs of fuel included. These will soon be in most popular garden centers throughout the UK by 2023.
Our Story
The Crop Candle Company produced Frost Protection Candles for the UK Vineyard industry. The only candles in the market when we first set out were paraffin candles which are notoriously bad for the atmosphere. We became sponsors of SWGB (Sustainable Wines of Great Britain) alongside the likes of Marks and Spencer’s and Waitrose. Our mission was to produce a Candle that would burn less CO2 and be better for the environment and vineyards, without compromising on the burn time and calorific heat output.
Smokeless Fire Pit eco friendly in a garden
We came up with a formula that delivers a longer burn time and made from 100% vegetable wax. We now provide most of the Vineyards in the UK with a more sustainable solution to protecting the crops from frost, during Spring.
As the Candles were producing so much heat, we decided to make a firepit which would house the Crop Candles - The El Fuego Eco Fire Pit. Outdoor living has increased intensely, resulting in Millions of conventional fire pits being burnt and creating thousands of tonnes of CO2. The El Fuego emits nil wood Smoke and produces only 1.4kg CO2/hr unlike other fire pits with 7-15kg of CO2/hr, which has made the El Fuego extremely popular with Small Gardens where wooden Firepits cause smoke pollution. Recently, we won the Summer Outdoor Living Award for Best individual outdoor heating product in 2022. The El Fuego is the most efficiently eco-friendly fire pit (that we know of!) in the world.
In summation, the El Fuego burns for hours producing an enduring flame that needs no attention and will dance at the same height without being tendered to. No wood smoke is the big winner, making it the first choice for small gardens, picnics, camping and general use. Small enough to transport and big enough to heat the intended audience. The El Fuego design is of natural wood, which is in keeping with the 100% natural fuel which is sustainably sourced. If it's the Smoke and smelling of bonfires at the end of the evening your looking to avoid, this is truly the new flame of your life. We hope you will join us on this incredible journey and become one of many thousands enjoying our new El Fuego Eco Fire Pits.

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