Is El Fuego The UK's Most Eco-Friendly Fire-Pit?

Our no wood or gas, smokeless El Fuego Fire Pits are perfect for all locations - from small gardens and patios, to balconies and large events.  
Using a natural fuel of 100% vegetable wax, we have produced the most eco friendly fire pit in the UK and the benefits that come from it are of course great!
Here are some just to name a few:
High calorific burn
Small garden friendly
No wood smoke
Bright continuous flame
Burn unattained all night
Easy to light and put out in an instant 

Our Fire Pit Produces less C02 than any other Fire Pits and we’ve had it tested….here are the results:
El Fuego: Fire Pit produces 1.4kg CO2/hr
Wood: (1 bag of 5kg) produces 4.8kg CO2/hr
Gas: (43,700 BTU) produces 18kg CO2/hr

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