El Fuego - The Eco-Friendly Future of Fire Pits

El Fuego Is The Future of Eco Friendly Fire Pits. With a Big Flame and No Wood Smoke, Why Compromise?
The revolutionary El Fuego fire pit burns 100% eco-friendly vegetable wax which produces a large, hypnotic, and therapeutic flame providing amazing heat. Outdoor living has increased intensely, resulting in millions of conventional firepits releasing thousands of tonnes of CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere.
El Fuego emits no wood smoke, producing only 1.4kg CO2 p/hr, unlike conventional fire pits that can produce up to 15kg p/hr. This makes the smokeless El Fuego very popular with small gardens, camping, fishing and general party use, whereas wooden firepits cause smoke pollution felt by guests and neighbours.
El Fuego allows homes to have a large flame that needs no maintenance and takes away the discomfort of smelling like a bonfire at the end of the evening. It’s easy to light in minutes and put out in seconds.

The eight-hour refills are simple to store and can burn for as long as 100 wooden logs. El Fuego is sold with eight hours of fuel included. The patent protected El Fuego is a great asset to any garden and those who enjoy outdoor living.